Monday, June 10, 2013

Guide to Calypso Gateway for Beginners

Hey All, So I recently completed a chain of missions in Calypso Gateway. Not only did I benefit with a huge increase in skills but I also got loot, weapons,ammunition and even a vehicle from these missions. I've decided to post a rough outline of this mission chain in order to help you guys benefit the most from these missions. New players should try to take this mission set IMMEDIATELY in order to gain some base skills and weapons in order to be able to improve in Calypso. They will also teach you the workings of the game which will help those tremendously who are just starting their PC/EU journey. While you do these missions I highly recommend that you utilize the mission interface by turning tracking on for your missions. This will help point you in the right direction every time you have it enabled. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time wandering aimlessly throughout the expanse of Calypso. ALSO, if the mission tells you that you need to use the vehicle in order to continue DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. I completed all these missions and did not use the vehicle one time. For auction purposes, you might want to not use the vehicle in order to get the most ped from it possible. Anyways, more of that later. Calypso Gateway Missions: First mission: help with repairs and fight off some L1 mobs Talk to the mission vender located just to the right of where you are initially dropped when you enter Calypso Gateway. gain weapon and ammo worth .40 ped Second mission: help kill off some enemies The mission chain will lead you directly to this mission so just stick with it as it guides you further into Calypso Gateway. gain xp and .40 PED of ammo Third mission: help with research, bring research to base, synthesize information This is where you are given the vehicle. Again I highly recommend not using it if you truly want to make the most of your precious PED while on Calypso. The missions DO NOT REQUIRE you to drive even if they tell you to hurry. After you complete the missions and sell all the various non auctionable loot you should auction this vehicle off with the starting bid at 1 Ped and a buyout of anywhere from 2-4 PED depending on if you want to increase your chances of a return or gamble and try to gain more PED. Always research what the same item is auctioning for on the market so you can adjust your time span and auction price accordingly. get vehicle worth .20 ped, ~2 Ped in auction and .10 ped worth of gasoline gain .05 ped T1 healing device. Gain .35 - 2.15 Ped+ (- auction fee of course) -have to buy 100 synthetic mind essence for .01 ped at Trade Terminal -get 2 hides for .02 ped to sell. Profit .01 ped Fourth mission set: mine for oil Mine 10 units of oil get drilling xp Fifth Mission: Surveying and Mining Retrieve Genesis Star Rookie Finder, Genesis Star Rookie Extractor, 16 survey probes. Reward: .10 PED weapon cells Whatever minerals you can collect. Travel to Scott's Ridge and talk to Rusty. Sixth Mission: Rifles, Assemble Pickup Hardened Zinc Ingot (96/48) Cured Alicenies Gel (24/12) Genesis Star Gel Batteries (12/6) Genesis Star Plastic Ruds (36/18) Manufacture Three Rifles Get weapon in return. Seventh Mission: Shooting Star Search for traces of the missing shuttle craft. Gain Skildek P30 worth .80 PED at start Gain 2000 Explosive Projectiles worth .20 PED Find surviving crew Blow up robotic sensor Head back to Rusty Gain Weapon worth .09 PED Eight Mission: Hangar Hangout Travel to SpacePort Helios Head to Teleporter Go to Camp Icarus and Report to Captain Hayes Inspect and Repair Camp Icarus Guns (5) Bomb the base mission piece of face armor worth .10 ped -------------------------------------- So, as you can see there is a lot of loot to be had in all these missions. Some of the loot is not able to be sold or auctioned at all (mining equipment and the .80 ped gun) but can still come in handy down the line if you do intend to use it. I recommend that you try not to use any ammo if possible on these missions in order to maximize the PED you profit. I highly recommend this mission chain. Not only is it fun but you can earn some really good starting PED for future investments.

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