Monday, August 8, 2011

Walking for stones, fruit, and or dung


* Set your character to walk by opening the option box. You will not find anything if you are in run mode.
* Walk through areas that are away from teleporters.
* In Port Atlantis walk outside of the limits in order to find items.
* Be patient!

I've spent a decent amount of time recently walking throughout Planet Calypso. Sure the sights are nice but my main goal isn't to find a hidden spot within Calypso. Today I'm looking for stones, fruit, or dung. Yes, dung. Why you ask?

Well, when you set your character in walk mode you are able to easily see items located on the ground such as those mentioned above. Items on the ground can be sold for trade or auction for very good prices. Better yet, finding them takes absolutely no investment money wise. Time wise, however, is a much different story.

On the many forums in the Planet Calypso community there are many stories of people finding large deposits of stones on the ground. So, I decided to take a little break from sweating and hunting to try my luck at "walking". Despite nearly an hour of walking my trip came up pretty empty handed although I did find some good locations for future mining and walking trips. I'm hoping that my luck changes and I will strike it rich in some fruit. At the very least I will gain a few skills from dying from high level creatures.

That's all for now (stat updates next time)

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